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Pharmena launches Menavitin Cardio dietary supplement in Poland

Pelion S.A.’s subsidiary Pharmena S.A. has commenced the process of introducing its MENAVITIN CARDIO dietary supplement into the Polish market. Containing the innovative, patented food ingredient 1-MNA, the product supports the proper functioning of the heart.

MENAVITIN CARDIO is the first dietary supplement under the MENAVITIN umbrella brand. The line will be extended by adding further products based on the innovative 1-MNA particle. The product will be sold at pharmacies and via

In 2019, Pharmena plans to market eight innovative products under its MENAVITIN umbrella brand. In the coming months, the MENAVITIN CARDIO supplement is to be launched in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and sold through Pharmena’s subsidiary Menavitin GmbH.

Pharmena is now the world’s only manufacturer of products containing 1-MNA.

1-MNA is a vitamin-based endogenous substance present naturally in the human body and formed as a result of vitamin PP metabolism in the liver. As the natural ability to convert vitamin PP into 1-MNA decreases with age, older people are strongly recommended to supplement their diet with 1-MNA.


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