CSR Strategy

Our Strategy compels us to act responsibly in whatever we do and to strive for sustainable use of resources. As a company with 26 years of operating history in the healthcare sector, we maintain our commitment to enhancing the quality of life and medical care, stemming from our sense of responsibility for the impacts we make on the world around us. We are guided by ethical values and standards of conduct, we regard our service to patients and society as our priority, we implement innovative solutions across all business areas and work with our business partners based on trust, transparency, integrity and responsibility. These are the pillars of our CSR strategy for 2016−2018.

Building and implementing a strategy is a process that requires constant fine-tuning. At all times, we strive to align our strategy to our current needs and the ever-changing regulatory environment. We learn and improve to meet new needs, which we also help create. In the strategy building process, as well as in everyday work, we engage in ongoing dialogue with all our stakeholders, listening to their needs and opinions.

Ethical business conduct

Serving patients and society at large

Innovation and development

  • We uphold the principles of ethical conduct that respect
    the needs of our employees, patients and business partners

  • We ensure security of drugs supply

  • We promote disease prevention among staff, patients,
    and customers
  • We help patients receiving pharmacotherapy

  • We engage in community outreach initiatives

  • We protect the environment
  • We provide access to drugs, education, and
    disease prevention programmes

  • We stay attuned to the needs of our local

  • We work to enhance an ethical culture within
    our organisation

  • We provide safe, quality treatment options

  • We enforce health and safety at work
  • We promote staff development

  • We foster a culture of diversity

  • We build a responsible supply chain

  • We protect the environment

  • We help preserve traditions of the pharmacy
  • We make organisational improvements and
    respond to challenges in the healthcare industry

  • We implement innovations
  • We build relationships with the world of science
    and harness scientific advances

  • We educate people in the medical and pharmaceutical

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