Why you should choose us ?

We employ over 9.3 thousand staff representing various professional fields

Get a job matching your interests

We value teamwork, while taking care of each employee’s personal development

Just think how much you can learn at our organisation

Respektujemy zasady work-life-balance
Nawiąż ciekawe znajomości.

Our team is composed of people with passion

Meet interesting people

We take on ambitious challenges

Share your ideas

We engage in CSR projects

Let your work make a positive impact

Niech Twoja praca pozytywnie wpływa na otoczenie

We keep abreast with new technologies

Witness the development of creative solutions

Doceniają nas jako zaufanego pracodawcę

We are recognised as a trusted employer

Work with the company awarded numerous titles, including the ‘Reliable Employer’, ‘Trustworthy Employer’, ‘Leader of the 20 Years of Poland’s Transformation’ and ‘Fair Play Company’

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