Pelion Healthcare Group’s current position has been achieved through over 25 years of cooperative efforts of all its employees and management staff. From the onset, we have been driven by high and transparent operational standards.

The Pelion Group has a clear employment policy and strives to ensure gender equality, as well as a broad spectrum and diversity in terms of education, age and professional experience when selecting members of the Company’s governing bodies and key managers. High qualifications and the knowledge required to serve in a given position are the decisive criteria in the recruitment process.

Equal treatment (equal opportunities) in employment

Recruitment policy

Code of Ethics

Equal treatment (equal opportunities) in employment

One of the key areas covered by the Group’s HR policy is the principle of equal treatment (equal opportunities) in employment:
In all our activities, we adhere to the principles of equal treatment and non-discrimination on any grounds, directly or indirectly, against our job applicants or against our current and former staff.

  • All employees have equal rights with respect to the terms and conditions of employment. We assess and promote employees taking into account their skills, performance and commitment.

  • Our internal regulations guarantee compliance with the principles of equal treatment of all our employees. Non-standard solutions without prejudice to the rights of other individuals are offered to those whose professional or private situation justifies special treatment (pregnant women, parents, disabled employees, etc.).

  • We support the cultural diversity of our employees and respect differing views and interests.

  • We prevent discrimination against anyone on the grounds of gender, age, disability, race, religion, nationality, political convictions, union affiliation, ethnic origin, creed, sexual orientation or the type and form of employment.

  • We promote the knowledge and attitudes oriented towards tolerance and cooperation among all Group employees.

Recruitment policy

Our recruitment policy is concentrated on hiring and retaining loyal people with the best qualifications, who are ready to work with passion and involvement. We seek to eliminate such barriers as age, gender or health.
Our Group has 80% female and 20% male employees. 37% of key management staff and over 40% of Supervisory Boards members are women.
Bearing in mind that dialogue between generations is conducive to the exchange of knowledge, Pelion Healthcare Group maintains a diversified age structure. A significant percentage of workforce are aged over 50. The second largest group of employees are those under 30 years of age, while the most numerous group are employees aged 30 to 50. We also find it important to help the disabled into employment, which is why we hire people with various disabilities to work in our team.

Code of Ethics

The process of acting responsibly, honestly and ethically while contributing to the growth of diversity is supported by our Code of Ethics. The provisions of this document help us work together to gain the trust from our trading partners and create a friendly company. Our employees:

  • refrain from discrimination against business partners on the grounds of nationality, country of origin, creed, market position, etc.;

  • care for and contribute to a good working atmosphere; are open to diversity and actively promote the principle of equal treatment at the workplace;

  • make decisions concerning employment, assessment, promotion, remuneration, assignment of tasks and access to data based solely on merits, such as qualifications or performance; do not discriminate against others on the grounds of appearance, race, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, political convictions, disability, etc.;

  • do not use their positions for purposes or in a manner that would infringe on the personal rights of other employees, including their dignity and good name; reject all forms of verbal, physical or psychological humiliation or bullying, and respond to and actively oppose all identified forms of harassment, discrimination or mobbing.

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