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In cooperation with GE Money Bank, Polska Grupa Farmaceutyczna has launched a multi-purpose credit card for pharmacy customers. It is the first credit card of this kind on the Polish healthcare market.

”We have prepared a unique card, which, on the one hand, facilitates shopping for people who prefer paying by credit card and, on the other hand, enables patients to buy medicines on credit,” said Jacek Szwajcowski, President of Polska Grupa Farmaceutyczna (PGF).

Furthermore, using the card issued as a result of the cooperation between PGF and GE Money Bank, customers can collect points in the “I Care for my Health” Programme, initiated four years ago. These points may be later redeemed for gifts from a special catalogue.

The card is easily accessible to both existing and new customers of nearly 2 thousand pharmacies participating in the “I Care for my Health” Programme, organised by Polska Grupa Farmaceutyczna. What is more, the card can be obtained not only by people whose individual monthly income is less than PLN 500, but also by those who declare a family income of that amount. The latter feature is new on the Polish market and has been designed to make credit on a card available to as many patients who need financial help to buy medicines as possible. The card gives customers an up to 45 days revolving credit of PLN 2,500.

GE Money Bank does not charge any fees for issuing the “We Care for our Health Together” card. If it is used only for collecting points for purchases made in pharmacies, the card’s user will not incur any costs. However, if he uses the credit, the bank will charge a fee of PLN 6 for every month in which transactions were made. Additionally, each month the customer is charged PLN 2 for insurance against the consequences of losing the card or its theft.

A special offer has been prepared for everyone who applies for the card by the end of the year: each purchase paid for with the card will be rewarded with a 5% discount at the pharmacies which take part in the “I Care for my Health” Programme.

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